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Employee Experience Solution Ensures Successful Oracle Cloud Migrations and Application Optimization for Increased Business Performance

I am very excited to announce the next milestone in the growth of Knoa Software! Today we announced our support for Oracle Cloud!

The decision to support Oracle is in response to strong demand in the market as a result of significant enterprise investment in migration to the cloud and a focus on supporting employee productivity, both at the office and working remotely. We have seen lots of interest from organizations to leverage our user experience management (UEM) software to mitigate the risk of migration projects and document the ROI of digital transformation initiatives. While Knoa and our partners have offered Oracle solutions in the past, this announcement marks a major investment in, and commitment to, this platform.

Knoa has been a leading provider of UEM software that helps businesses maximize ROI for major software deployments. Our long and successful partnership with SAP (SAP resells Knoa as SAP UEM by Knoa), has proven the value of UEM at companies throughout the world and in practically every industry; we will continue to invest in the SAP partnership and fully support our customers.

We are proud to be at the forefront of the emergence of a new focus on “Employee Experience”. How do we define this category? One interesting way to highlight the value provided by the Knoa analytics is to ask key questions that focus on the ROI and overall benefits of migration to the cloud, optimizing user productivity, and ultimately ensuring that your Oracle Cloud deployment is truly optimized:

  • Are my processes executed efficiently, with few steps, reduced errors, and frictionless interactions?
  • Can my help desk team proactively identify the user errors or system issues that have the greatest negative impact on productivity?
  • Can we quickly identify and help users who are struggling?
  • Do we know where process bottlenecks occur, and how to remove them?
  • Have employees adopted the new enterprise software as demonstrated by increased productivity and engagement?

With Knoa, organizations can be confident that their usage of Oracle Cloud is aligned with their business objectives. The software drives improvements across all business execution areas, including proper user adoption, high productivity, seamless process execution, and, ultimately, improved business results.

Change management for Oracle Cloud is about more than communicating change – it is about achieving commitment to the fundamental business and process changes that Oracle Cloud enables. Organizations must reexamine their approach to organizational change management (OCM) and employ analytics throughout the product lifecycle.

Enterprises using Knoa UEM report an average three-year ROI of 671%, 15% higher gross user productivity, and efficiency gains of 30% for business processes teams, 31% for incident response, 16% for help desk teams and 21% for security.

Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud enables visibility into employee interactions with the Oracle Cloud applications, user adoption during a new rollout, the level of performance delivered to the end-user, the locations of process bottlenecks, and the cause of user experience issues with the software. This information in turn enables enterprises to optimize key processes around their Oracle Cloud for employee use and adoption, including:

  • Change Management – A solid change management strategy is essential to successfully migrate operational, financial, sales or service processes to the cloud. Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud enables organizations to isolate adoption gaps in specific application modules, functionality, or processes – and proactively address them in a targeted fashion.
  • Help Desk Problem Resolution – The reactive support model, and excessive time it takes to resolve issues, directly impacts satisfaction levels and lowers the perceived value of IT in the eyes of the users. Knoa UEM enables IT support teams to immediately identify what the user is experiencing even before they open a ticket or pick up the phone. This ability to identify the source of the error enables a proactive response to the issue while considerably reducing the amount of time users must spend on the phone with the help desk.
  • Employee Experience – The ever-changing workplace is driving the need for companies to take on a more strategic role, with greater responsibility for ensuring the productivity and engagement of the workforce. Today’s workplace is not only physical; it’s virtual, it’s remote and includes a broad range of applications and technology for performing business-critical tasks. Intuitive applications that help get work done quickly and efficiently are imperative for engagement, productivity and profitability.  Knoa UEM provides an early warning system, helping customers identify and address adoption gaps, struggling users, and inefficiencies in process execution.

Knoa’s patented monitoring technology provides key user experience analytics for Oracle Cloud Applications including, but not limited to, Oracle ERP – Financials Cloud, Oracle SCM and Manufacturing Cloud, and Oracle HCM Cloud. Knoa partners can further extend these capabilities to any other web-based solutions within the Oracle portfolio, using the Knoa SDK.

Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud builds on the success of the Knoa UEM platform, which has been widely used in the SAP space for more than a decade, enabling successful migration projects and helping customers optimize SAP software usage and investments.

We are also excited about the feedback that we have already received from Oracle partners and analysts. We have collaborated with OneGlobe LLC, a Premier Oracle Partner, on this new solution. The initial response from Oracle partners has been very encouraging, and we look forward to partnering with Oracle service providers in delivering this solution to the market.

Here are some of these comments:

“Knoa’s software is the first product we have seen in the Oracle Cloud environment that lets an organization truly measure and benchmark its business process performance from an end-user perspective,” said Lawrence Crooks, Principal at OneGlobe LLC, a Premier Oracle Partner. “The product also provides the supporting detail data that allows an organization to improve that performance, whether through business process changes, better UI design, tightly targeted training/help desk assistance or the use of RPA, as some examples. We believe this is an invaluable tool for companies that are considering migrating to Oracle Cloud and are truly focused on measuring how well the organization adapts to the applications. Companies that have already implemented Oracle Cloud but feel their business improvement is less than what they hoped for should also consider this product.”

“There’s never been a time when business needed a product like UEM by Knoa more,” said Denis Pombriant, Managing Principal of Beagle Research Group. “The combination of increasingly common remote work arrangements and businesses striving to take advantage of the digital disruption creates a critical need for helping users to quickly and easily become familiar with new apps during rollout, employee onboarding, and throughout the employment lifecycle. UEM by Knoa fits a big need.”

“Knoa turns the lights on and allows the same type of analysis and optimization of user experience for enterprise applications that is routinely done for web and mobile apps,” said Dan Woods, founder and principal analyst at Early Adopter Research. “For Oracle customers, such knowledge solves user experience problems but also helps them gain power in managing their Oracle estate and making key decisions about upgrades or certifying ULAs.”

“As a long-standing partner, we have already leveraged the Knoa platform to instrument Oracle applications,” said Ricardo Hernandez, CEO of Edison Consulting.  “So we are delighted with this new out of the box capability, which is tapping into a market need for Oracle applications.  We are confident that it will enforce the capability of Knoa to identify improvement opportunities with a high impact in economic benefits for clients.  Many CIOs were waiting for this news.  We are sure that the market will take advantage quickly.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud, please contact us at, thank you.