Task Mining

Monitoring how tasks are actually executed through enterprise applications is a fundamental requirement for any process improvement or automation initiative.

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Task Mining with Knoa UEM

With its focus on analyzing real user behaviors and interactions with production systems, Knoa is in a unique position to provide complete visibility into front-end processes and tasks that lend themselves to automation. Unlike other task mining solutions, which offer a partial view of user behaviors, Knoa’s task mining capability provides an accurate and complete view of user interactions with the application front-end, to produce a high fidelity representation of how tasks are actually performed.

Knoa UEM task mining capabilities can be leveraged across a wide range of use cases:

  • for process improvement, to identify bottlenecks, ensure process compliance, and streamline process execution
  • for automation, to identify automation targets, and measure the impact of automation on user productivity
  • for digital experience management, to improve the user experience and drive increased adoption for new applications
  • for support desk, to reduce resolution times and improve the overall quality of service


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Leveraging Knoa Task Mining for RPA projects

Since Knoa generates its data from user’s interactions with a live application User Interface (UI), it can be used to map the actual user journey through the system as they execute a process. Knoa brings unique visibility into how work is actually done.

In the context of RPA initiatives, Knoa’s task mining can bring value throughout the life cycle of an automation project:

  • in the planning phase, Knoa can be used to identify and prioritize automation targets, as well as quantify the projected cost savings from automation initiatives
  • during the automation build phase, Knoa can be used to monitor automation errors and improve the resilience of automation scripts
  • after the deployment of automation, Knoa can be used to quantify the actual cost savings in terms of user productivity
What is the profile of errors generated by robots?
What is the profile of errors generated by users?
What is the potential financial impact of automation?
Which tasks should be targeted for automation?


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