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Monitoring how tasks are actually executed through enterprise applications is a fundamental requirement for any process improvement or automation initiative.

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Knoa’s Unique Task Mining Capabilities

Knoa’s task mining solution captures user actions directly from the SAP application User Interface (UI) to generate a detailed log of user actions when executing a business process. Based on this data, Knoa recreates the entire user journey through the application, for an accurate representation of how business processes are executed in real life.

When coupling this information with process mining data from SAP Signavio, Knoa offers a unique view of process execution. Business process analysts and functional leads can leverage the Knoa data to drive process improvements and identify automation opportunities.

Knoa UEM provides several competitive advantages over other task mining solutions:

  • it is the only solution in the market that can collect and analyze detailed user activity data at scale, across tens of thousands of users
  • it is based on a patented object sensing technology, which does not rely on screen scraping or optical character recognition (OCR)
  • it is plug-and-play, without any development or customizations required
  • it provides unique user and task metrics, such as active and idle time, user and system errors, and full user journeys through the application

Business Benefits of Task Mining

Knoa’s task mining solution provides a range of business, operational, and cost benefits to enterprises:

  • Improved risk management, governance, and compliance by helping identify potential risks stemming from user activities
  • Optimization of operations through in-depth visibility into different process steps carried out by employees and assessment of task performance
  • Scaling of automation initiatives by assisting companies in identifying and prioritizing automation opportunities
  • Cost savings through better resource allocation and elimination of manual effort to gather user analytics
  • Accelerated digital transformation by identifying process inefficiencies at a granular level
  • Enhanced employee and customer experience, through streamlining of user support and increasing of employee engagement

Integration with SAP Signavio

When integrated with process mining data from SAP Signavio, Knoa’s task mining data enables end-to-end process execution visibility.

Specifically, the integration enables:

  • Enhanced visibility into actual process execution by capturing more granular process steps than available with standard process mining technology
  • Augmentation of process-centric metrics with end user analytics, including user’s active and idle time, user journeys, user and system-generated errors, response time for every transaction, and others.

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