Knoa UEM for Cloud Migration

Employee user experience analytics are essential to mitigate risk, ensure adoption, and measure ROI of your migration to cloud.

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Making the Transition to Cloud

The move to cloud offers many benefits, but there are challenges along the way. It’s imperative to plan carefully and measure your progress for continuous improvement with a solution that helps you assess the true effectiveness of your cloud migration. User analytics from Knoa Software help you build the business case for migration to cloud, mitigate risk during migration, maximize adoption of the new system, and measure ROI of your investment.


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Leverage Knoa User Experience Management to Accelerate Your Business Transformation and Mitigate Risk


Knoa for Cloud Migration

Knoa User Experience Management (UEM) helps you answer these simple, but critical, questions:

  • Are my processes executed efficiently, with few steps, reduced errors, and frictionless interactions?
  • Can my help desk team proactively identify the user errors or system issues that have the greatest negative impact on productivity?
  • Can we quickly identify and help users who are struggling?
  • Do we know where process bottlenecks occur, and how to remove them?

With Knoa, you can be confident that usage of the cloud applications is aligned with key business objectives. Knoa UEM drives improvements across all business execution areas, including proper user adoption, high productivity, seamless process execution, and ultimately, improved business results.


AES Corporation Leverages Knoa User Experience Management to Optimize the Migration of its New Enterprise Cloud Platform

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A GPS for your Cloud Migration Journey

If you’re embarking on a cloud implementation, keep in mind these critical ways that you can leverage Knoa user analytics to ensure the success of your project:

Before migration:

  • Assess current pain points and inefficiencies
  • Build a business case for moving to cloud
  • Prioritize migration scenarios — focus on specific business transactions and user profiles
  • Establish user-centric success criteria

During migration:

  • Validate new application or business process workflows early
  • Trace the life cycle of issues found during the UAT cycle

After migration:

  • Measure user adoption to identify gaps or training issues
  • Provide proactive support during hyper-care
  • Assess changes in process execution and user productivity
  • Quantify improvements by comparing “before” and “after” KPIs
What functionality or user groups should be prioritized for migration?
What functionality should be prioritized for testing?
What is the utilization of the custom functionality?
What is the lifecycle of errors across application environments?
What was the migration impact on user adoption?
What was the migration impact on application performance?


Knoa User Experience Management Solution Brief

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Learn how unique user analytics from Knoa Software help you build the business case during the entire migration process to cloud based applications.

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