Knoa for SAP Signavio FAQ

What is the Knoa / SAP Signavio partnership?

Knoa has been a Solution Extension (SOLEX) partner for the past 16 years, with SAP reselling the Knoa product as SAP User Experience Management (UEM) by Knoa. Effective January 2024, Knoa is an SAP Signavio SOLEX partner, which means that SAP Signavio is now selling Knoa’s task mining solution.

What are the typical use cases for the Knoa solution?

Knoa’s solution, which is available on the SAP Store as SAP User Experience Management (UEM) by Knoa, delivers value to both Business and IT stakeholders across a wide variety of use cases, including: 

  • Process performance optimization
  • Identifying use cases for Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • S/4HANA and cloud migrations
  • Support desk optimization
  • User enablement

What are the key differentiators between Knoa and other task mining solutions?

Knoa takes a different approach to mining user behavior and tasks than most other task mining solutions. Some of the key differentiators include:

  1. Unique data: SAP UEM by Knoa provides unique user and task metrics, such as active and idle time, user and system errors, system response time, and full user journeys through SAP applications – in support of a wide variety of use cases.
  2. Object sensing: SAP UEM by Knoa monitoring is based on a patented object-sensing technology, which does not rely on screen scraping or optical character recognition (OCR), yet it captures all user actions within SAP applications (except keystrokes).
  3. Plug and Play: SAP UEM by Knoa is plug-and-play, without any development, process scripting, or data modeling required. It provides deep out-of-the-box monitoring for SAP across both legacy and S/4-based applications.
  4. Scalability: SAP UEM by Knoa is highly scalable, enabling customers to collect and analyze detailed user activity data at scale, across tens of thousands of users, without the need to use sampling of user tasks or users.

How can I see a demo?

Fill out the demo request form or contact us at

How is SAP UEM by Knoa licensed?

SAP UEM by Knoa uses a license model based on the number of named SAP users being monitored with the solution. Knoa provides no restrictions around using the solution with production vs. non-production SAP environments. SAP UEM by Knoa is procured as a standalone product, independent of any other SAP solutions. 

Which SAP products are supported by Knoa?

SAP UEM by Knoa works out of the box with the following SAP User Interfaces (UI): SAP GUI for Windows, SAP GUI for HTML, SAP Business Client for Desktop, SAP Netweaver Portal, SAP CRM, SAP Fiori Launchpad, SAP Sales and Service Cloud (formerly C4C), and SAP Webdynpro applications. Other SAP applications can be supported with custom development. For more information, see Knoa Documentation. 

Does Knoa generate its data based on SAP log files?

No, the Knoa solution does not read or rely on SAP log files. The Knoa solution generates its own data, based on monitoring of live user interactions with the application User Interface (UI).

Does SAP UEM by Knoa monitor non-SAP applications?

While Knoa solutions monitor other business applications, SAP UEM by Knoa is designed to monitor only SAP applications. Customers can extend the Knoa platform to monitor additional enterprise applications, such as Salesforce or Oracle. This involves additional license and/or professional services costs.

Is SAP UEM by Knoa integrated with SAP Signavio?

SAP USER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT integrates with SAP Signavio. Knoa’s task mining data can be ingested into SAP Signavio Process Intelligence to create an end-to-end view of process execution for SAP-centric processes. For more information, see the SAP blog: Unify your process and task mining insights: How SAP UEM by Knoa integrates with SAP Signavio.

What are some of the benefits of the combined solution?

SAP UEM by Knoa is a solution that, in combination with SAP Signavio, provides end-to-end visibility into process execution for SAP-centric processes. It empowers customers to analyze business processes by utilizing granular event logs that enrich process data with detailed task-level and user behavior analytics.

Knoa’s unique task mining solution, which is more lightweight, more effective, and less intrusive than common task mining products, by focusing specifically on SAP application interfaces, complements SAP Signavio Process Intelligence by providing unique insights into process execution and enabling end-to-end process visibility.  

How is SAP UEM by Knoa, cloud edition, deployed?

Knoa provisions a customer’s Knoa tenant environment within 1 day of receiving a cloud order. After that, the customer is responsible for deploying the Knoa client into their end-users’ desktop environment, at which point real-time data collection begins and Knoa data can be accessed through the reporting application.  

Is the Knoa solution agent-based?

Yes. Customers install the Knoa client on each user’s desktop they want to be included in the analysis. The Knoa client is silently running in the background, requires no user interaction, and it activates automatically when users access an SAP application.

Where is the Knoa cloud service hosted?

SAP UEM by Knoa cloud edition is hosted on the IBM Cloud platform, with its primary data center located in Frankfurt, Germany. Other data centers are also available.  

What data does SAP UEM by Knoa capture?

SAP UEM by Knoa captures user interactions with SAP applications, such as screen interactions, user operations, and application errors. Knoa does not use a screen capture technology and it does not “record” the desktop. The solution’s value is derived from analyzing aggregate data from a large pool of users to identify issues with the greatest impact on productivity. For more information, see Knoa Data Privacy and Security. 

Does a user have a unique identifier in Knoa, which can be tracked over time?

Yes, the Knoa solution tracks unique user ID’s (Windows Logins and/or Application usernames) but these can be anonymized for reporting. Users can also be mapped to various organizational attributes (such as role, location, business unit, etc.).

Can user data be anonymized?

Yes, customers can anonymize user data by obfuscating individual users as well as user groups in reporting. This is an option built into all Knoa reports to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations and customer requirements for data privacy. 

Does the Knoa product comply with GDPR regulations?

Yes, SAP UEM by Knoa complies with GDPR regulations. In addition, the Knoa product goes regularly through SAP’s Premium Qualification process for certification against security and data privacy requirements. For more information, see Knoa Data Privacy and Security. 

What is the effort level for customers to get this solution up-and-running?

The typical ramp-up time for SAP UEM by Knoa cloud edition is 2 to 3 weeks. Knoa partners with Edison LLC, who can assist customers with their Knoa implementation, as well as post-implementation activities such as enablement, consulting, and development.

Are there any technical requirements for Knoa?

The only technical requirements for SAP UEM by Knoa cloud edition are for the Knoa client, which is deployed on the users’ desktops. Platforms supported include Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 (32-bit or 64-bit) and Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge. For more information, see the Knoa Documentation.

Is any other software required?

No other software is required. The Knoa Analytics application, which is the reporting interface for SAP UEM by Knoa, comes with a 6-user license bundle. Additional licenses can be requested directly from Knoa by contacting  

Who provides Knoa services?

Knoa’s premier implementation partner is Edison LLC. Edison boasts a global presence and a track record of numerous successful Knoa projects. Their comprehensive range of services for the Knoa solution includes implementation, enablement, consulting, and development. Contact Edison atinfo@edison-la.comor ask Knoa for an introduction at  

How is customer support handled?

Customer support is provided jointly by SAP and Knoa. SAP Global Support provides level 1 and level 2 support, while Knoa provides level 3 support. Customers can raise support issues directly on the SAP Support Portal using the component XX-PART-KNO.  

What is Knoa’s typical customer profile?

The typical Knoa buyers include: CIO, CTO, VP of Sales, VP of Center of Excellence, VP of Support Operations. The typical Knoa stakeholders include: Line of Business (LOB) managers, Business process analysts, Change management office, Cloud implementation team, Support desk managers, User enablement team