User Experience Management (UEM) for Oracle Cloud

Optimize employee adoption and engagement with cloud applications

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Our UEM for Oracle Cloud employee end user analytics provide insight into the productivity of employees as they interact with Oracle cloud applications.

For migration projects, Knoa will provide insights for every step in the project lifecycle – from planning and prioritizing, to testing, full deployment and post migration evaluation of KPIs. Working with Knoa you will drive improved efficiencies, reduced errors and improved workflows.

Using Knoa, IT support and Help Desk teams can proactively identify the sources of errors and reduce the time for error resolution.

With Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud, organizations can optimize their cloud migration plans, identify complexities in key business transactions and workflows, and make employees more productive, engaged and satisfied.

Stay in the know to mitigate risks

Fully understand how employees interact with different cloud applications to identify specific areas for improvement, in order to mitigate risks before they get out of control and optimize the overall performance of your Oracle Cloud Applications.

Supercharge Employee Adoption

Proactively identify and address application usability or performance issues, training opportunities, process improvement opportunities, and process compliance issues – reducing process friction and employee frustration.

Drive productivity with Data-Driven Decisions

Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud spotlights application adoption and utilization, user experience and performance, and step by step executions of business workflows offering visibility into the factors impacting your workforce productivity, so you can make data-driven decisions around training, support, and business processes.

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Quantify the business impact of work interruptions caused by errors, so you can prioritize your Oracle Cloud support initiatives, such as refresher training or streamlining workflows.
Isolate performance hot spots by geographical location, so you can react to issues impacting user experience or productivity quickly, and in a targeted fashion.
Identify your superusers based on their efficiency and proficiency with Oracle Cloud, so you can recruit them as coaches for struggling users, or for your UAT cycles.
Perform fact-based learning-needs assessment, to identify who needs additional training, as well as which Oracle functions or business tasks they need to be trained on.
Measure user activity across all Oracle Cloud functions, to validate user adoption for key business processes and identify adoption gaps that need to be addressed through additional coaching or training.
Detect new error conditions introduced in your production and UAT environments, and track their evolution through the resolution cycle, to minimize their impact on production users.
Isolate performance hot spots for specific Oracle Cloud screens, user segments, or individual users, to help with root cause analysis and accelerate their resolution.
Prioritize your testing efforts based on actual utilization and other user experience metrics (error rates, performance), to optimize the impact of your UAT, with every Oracle Cloud upgrade.
Monitor utilization trends throughout the quarterly Oracle Cloud updates, to evaluate the impact of changes on user adoption and productivity.
Track every important user action, on every Oracle Cloud screen - to help your support team triage, prioritize, replicate, resolve and validate issues faster, for a better user experience.

Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud works with:

Oracle ERP – Financials Cloud

Oracle SCM and Manufacturing Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud

Migrate to Oracle Cloud Applications

Implementing or migrating to Oracle Cloud Applications offers many benefits, but how do you effectively maximize user adoption, mitigate risks, and measure ROI? Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud provides data-driven analytics to plan and measure all phases of your Oracle Cloud Applications rollout.

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Improve Help Desk Efficiency

Traditional IT tools lack the ability to pinpoint the root cause of issues reported by users of Oracle Cloud Applications. Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud provides analytics to identify and resolve issues, enabling help desks to proactively manage support inquiries and enable users to be more productive.

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Optimize Employee Engagement

Employee experience is vital to your organization’s culture, spanning software applications and technology, to physical and virtual work environments. Oracle Cloud Applications, can significantly impact hiring and retention as well as employee morale, performance, and job satisfaction. Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud provides data-driven metrics to analyze, optimize, and validate every aspect of your Oracle Cloud Applications, including data around where your employees are struggling, so you can handle those friction areas head on.

Business Solutions

Business Optimization

Cloud Migration

Digital Transformation

Employee Experience Management 

Help Desk

Remote Workforce Productivity

Robotic Process Automation

Task Mining

User Adoption

User Enablement

Workforce Efficiency

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