Knoa User Experience Management (UEM)

Gain actionable insights from your enterprise software.

Maximize Your Enterprise Software Investment

Knoa User Experience Management (UEM) for Enterprise Applications provides you with the visibility to drive adoption and optimize your workforce. Knoa UEM offers insight on how employees interact with applications, helps measure impact on day-to-day operations and ultimately, increases adoption to realize inefficiencies and save money. Organizations can identify complexities of key business functions, and deliver a road map to enable users to be more productive, responsive and engaged.

Employee User Experience Metrics

With Knoa UEM, you can measure application adoption and utilization, user experience and performance, and step by step executions of business workflows – all from a true end user perspective. In doing so, you can identify training opportunities, application usability or performance issues, process improvement opportunities, and process compliance issues. Knoa’s user analytics give you the ultimate visibility into the factors impacting your workforce productivity, so you can make data-driven decisions.



“With SAP UEM by Knoa, we’ve gained insight into what employees are doing, how are they performing in their activities day to day, what troubles they have in using applications and new features, and how new employees are handling the learning curve.”


Actionable Analytics Platform

The Knoa UEM reporting console presents data in out-of-the-box actionable dashboards and interactive reports. A robust alerting module can be configured for proactive remediation of issues and reporting APIs enable you to further extend and integrate Knoa with other enterprise applications and business intelligence solutions.

Support for Enterprise Applications

Knoa UEM uses a unique front-end discovery technology to capture user experience and performance metrics for enterprise applications. This technology relies on real-time discovery of the actual user interactions with the application User Interface, across all application screens and business processes, giving customers a complete view of their user and application performance.

The technology works with both standard, off the shelf applications and custom, homegrown applications. With a single end-user discovery platform, enterprises can implement a unified strategy for driving performance optimizations across their entire application landscape.

UEM Toolkit

For customers who want to extend the Knoa user analytics to enterprise applications beyond SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, Knoa makes available an SDK, also known as the Knoa UEM Toolkit. The Toolkit enables a non-programmer to extend Knoa’s unique discovery to any web based applications and collect user experience metrics anywhere in the application. Moreover, the same instance of the Knoa UEM platform can be used with Knoa’s out of the box solutions and custom solutions developed using the Toolkit.

Business Solutions

Employee Experience Management 

Remote Workforce Productivity

Workforce Efficiency

Business Optimization

Digital Transformation

User Enablement

User Adoption

Help Desk

Robotic Process Automation

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