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“Seventy-four percent of problems reported to help desks are not detected by infrastructure management.” – Jean-Pierre Garbani, Forrester

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Identify and Resolve Issues Proactively – Increase Employee Productivity

Traditional IT tools lack the ability to detect or identify the majority of the issues reported by users of Enterprise Software such as SAP and Oracle. As a result, hours, days and even weeks are lost while help desk analysts research the missing information needed to identify the root cause of an issue. Additionally help desks tend to operate in a reactionary mode, putting out fires rather than proactively addressing issues before they impact the end-user.


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Proactive Support Starts with Real-Time Availability of End-User Data

The reactionary support model and the excessive time it takes to resolve issues, directly impacts satisfaction levels and lowers the perceived value of IT in the eyes of your business users. Knoa UEM enables your IT support teams to immediately identify what the user is experiencing before the end-user even opens a ticket or picks up the phone. The service desk team has full visibility into the complete user journey, including the exact error(s) encountered, be it system or user generated.

This ability to identify the source of the error enables a proactive response to the issue while considerably reducing the amount of time users have to spend on the phone with the help desk. Additionally, Knoa UEM improves help desk KPIs including mean time to resolution (MTTR), first call resolution rates and escalation accuracy.


  • Work stopping errors and workflow interruptions
  • Application performance issues and system errors
  • Process inefficiencies and bottlenecks


  • Complete user workflow leading up to the error
  • Error source; technology, process or people
  • Patterns of issues by locations, applications and users


  • Proactivity and response time
  • Issue resolution and escalation process
  • Business user perception of IT

Benefits of Knoa UEM

  • Increase help desk efficiency and productivity
  • Improve end-user experience with IT support
  • Expedite issue identification and resolution
What is the profile of application environments?
What is the profile of errors received by users?
What is the impact of errors on user productivity?
What is the user experience across geographical locations?
What is the user experience across user groups?
What are the detailed user interactions with applications?


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Learn how to utilize Knoa UEM to improve help desk KPIs including mean time to resolution (MTTR), first call resolution rates and escalation accuracy.

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