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“Sixty-two percent of issues customers encounter during ERP projects are user related.” – Benchmark Partners

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End-User Acceptance & Adoption are Key

It’s not uncommon for organizations to invest millions of dollars on large-scale ERP projects, such as SAP and Oracle. Traditionally the project focus is on the successful implementation of the technology and the stability of the underlying infrastructure. However, as we all know, the main driver for project success is contingent on end-user acceptance and adoption – yet most organizations fail to invest in this area. As a result, implementations get stuck in the project phase and don’t progress to full sustainment.


Navigating a Successful SAP S/4HANA Implementation

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Follow a Clear, Simple Road Map to Digital Transformation

A recent IDC study found that application of 1.5% of project cost to end-user training and adoption improves project success by 30% (IDC Impact of Training). Knoa UEM is uniquely positioned to help you reduce the overall project time and effort in order to ensure success. By leveraging Knoa UEM in the project phase, you can develop more effective UAT, improve communications and training, and ensure process adoption and compliance, enabling a quicker path to end-user sustainment.

Knoa UEM enables the identification of not only system and performance issues but also user errors, which are responsible for the majority of problems post “go-live,” and are typically undetected or unreported.


  • User related errors during testing
  • Process bottlenecks and complexities
  • Benchmark application performance


  • Execution of testing scripts
  • Baseline end user KPIs before “go-live”
  • Adoption of standard and custom functionality


  • Effectiveness of UAT and reduce iterations
  • User readiness at “go-live”
  • Change management and communication plans

Benefits of Knoa UEM

  • Ensure project success and faster path to sustainment
  • Ensure user acceptance of the new technology
  • Improve process adoption and compliance
What is the user experience across business processes?
What is the utilization of custom functionality?
What is the lifecycle of errors across application environments?
What was the migration impact on user adoption?
What was the migration impact on application performance?
What functionality should be prioritized for testing?


How Did Russia’s Largest Steel Company Identify
SAP HANA® Database Performance Issues and
Boost Productivity?

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Leverage Knoa UEM to improve communications and training, and ensure process adoption and compliance to enable a quicker path to end-user sustainment.

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