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The coronavirus pandemic forced over 300 million people to work from home practically overnight. As a result, enterprise organizations are scrambling to adapt their business and equip employees with the tools they need to remain productive, especially in remote working environments.

You invested millions in SAP, Oracle and other enterprise applications…

  • Are your employees as productive at home compared to the office?
  • Are they getting work done?
  • How do you know?


Don’t Fly Blind As You Begin to Reopen Your Office

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Supporting the Remote Workforce: Ensuring User Productivity with Analytics

Knoa user analytics provides intelligence to improve employee productivity, identify performance challenges, and expedite problem resolution. Hear customer case studies detailing how we help deliver an optimal application experience so remote workers can perform effectively, stay engaged, and meet the changing needs of today’s work environment.


Don’t Micromanage your Work from Home Staff: Five Principles of WFH Management

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Actionable Intelligence

Knoa analytics give you insight to answer these questions, by gathering actionable intelligence to optimize your software investment. SAP® User Experience Management (UEM) application by Knoa and Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud ERP provides the analytics to ensure employee productivity, identify performance challenges and expedite problem resolution all within a centralized dashboard.

Working with our customers, we are helping deliver an optimal application experience so remote workers can perform effectively, stay engaged, and meet the changing needs of today’s business environment.

What is the user experience across business processes?
What is the user competency across the organization?
Where do you need to focus your training?
What is the user experience across geographical locations?
What is the user experience across user groups?
What are the detailed user interactions with applications?


How Did a Phoenix Power Utility Boost User Experience and Adoption of its Enterprise Applications?

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Pinpoint User Productivity Issues Fast

Knoa UEM enables management and HR departments to understand employee behavior with their enterprise software. In addition to pinpointing the root causes of technical issues, it can reveal whether employees are able to function efficiently or if they are frustrated and taking longer to complete their tasks.

  • Monitor efficiency of application utilization for remote users
  • Ensure optimal productivity of remote users
  • Proactively identify struggling users
  • Validate and prioritize issues reported to help desk
  • Expedite issue resolution with real-time workflows


Knoa for Remote User Support

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Work from home initiatives are creating new opportunities to transform your business.
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