User Enablement

“Undertrained employees are at least five times more expensive to support, contributing to lost productivity.” – Pat Phelan, Gartner

Most enterprises do a fairly good job at delivering upfront end-user training for new software systems and processes, but many fail to assess the effectiveness and retention of information shared during training. Studies have shown that users forget more than 50% of their training material within a two week period without continuous reinforcement. The absence of ongoing education impacts adoption, slows productivity, increases error rate and may even cause higher attrition rates. Often times organizations that attempt to combat this lack of retention through recurring enablement programs misfire by retraining the wrong employees in the wrong areas.

Supercharge your User Enablement Program with Unique User Analytics

Knoa UEM enables you to access the success of your training investment through quantifiable end-user data. With Knoa you can measure whether your users are following the business processes presented during training with minimal interruption and rework. Knoa also helps to identify new training opportunities and pinpoints the exact users or teams that require continuous education, ensuring the maximum return on your training investment.


  • Errors due to training gaps
  • End-user efficiency in process execution
  • Adoption of functionality


  • User workflow including errors encountered
  • Process variations from defined best practices
  • Training opportunities by user segments and application area


  • Targeted training programs
  • Training content and self-service
  • User efficiency and productivity

Benefits of Knoa UEM

  • Ensure maximum ROI on your education initiatives
  • Reduce support issues caused by knowledge gaps
  • Develop continuous improvement programs

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