Knoa’s User Group and Community

Who We Are

As a customer of Knoa Software, you’re already part of an elite community, and it’s time we help you make the most of it. With that in mind, we’ve established the Knoa User Group and Community – uKnoa.

uKnoa provides a forum for customers to share experiences and hear from other Knoa User Experience Management (UEM) business process owners and users from around the world. This user group facilitates collaboration and information exchange and gives members insight into Knoa solutions and new developments in the effective use of analytical tools. This type of unfiltered dialogue empowers users, like you, to achieve business and research objectives, and ultimately drive a more effective end-user experience.

Meeting of the Minds

As a member of uKnoa, you will be invited to attend exclusive conferences and workshops all over the world. These events feature insightful presentations by Knoa customers and experts, as well as valuable technical sessions, tutorials, and demonstrations. Our members include administrators, Super Users, change management professionals, and many other titles who collaborate with each other to share use cases, develop best practices and information sharing for the user community.

Members discover additional benefits of Knoa’s UEM solutions while learning tips, tricks and techniques to help get the most value from your software investment.

Join Us

If you are a customer and your organization is currently utilizing Knoa UEM, or has used it in the past, you are eligible to become a member of uKnoa. There is no charge to join, all you have to do is let us know you’re interested in becoming a member and you can begin taking part in our active, dynamic and international community. For more information, please contact us and a Knoa representative will get back to you.

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