Plan, Measure and Optimize Your ERP Cloud Implementation

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Experience the full value of employee end user analytics and see how you can mitigate cloud migration risks, supercharge employee adoption, drive productivity, and take the right decisions to optimize business execution. 

Use our data to properly plan your Oracle or SAP S/4 Hana Cloud implementation, boost the efficiency of the internal help desk, identify areas that require training, mark super users and users in need, and much more. 

Early Access Program includes:  

  • Free 30-day trial of Knoa UEM for Oracle Cloud (Or SAP S/4 Hana)
  • Cloud-based deployment, no coding or instrumentation, plug and play setup
  • Real-time, passive monitoring of any instances of Oracle Cloud, for up to 500 users (employees), across HCM, SCM, and ERP application
  • Access to out of the box analytical insights geared towards cloud migration, managing upgrades, user enablement, and user support
  • Automatic inclusion in the Knoa reference program and allowance of credits towards future services  
  • Exclusive discount on paid subscriptions 

Early Access (free trial) program is available to all Oracle (or SAP) Cloud customers, whether they are already running on or just implementing the Cloud. The program runs until the end of June 2022.

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Knoa User Analytics for ERP Cloud

A sample of what you will see based on your own data:

Quantify the business impact of work interruptions caused by errors, so you can prioritize your Oracle Cloud support initiatives, such as refresher training or streamlining workflows.
Isolate performance hot spots by geographical location, so you can react to issues impacting user experience or productivity quickly, and in a targeted fashion.
Identify your superusers based on their efficiency and proficiency with Oracle Cloud, so you can recruit them as coaches for struggling users, or for your UAT cycles.
Perform fact-based learning-needs assessment, to identify who needs additional training, as well as which Oracle functions or business tasks they need to be trained on.
Measure user activity across all Oracle Cloud functions, to validate user adoption for key business processes and identify adoption gaps that need to be addressed through additional coaching or training.
Detect new error conditions introduced in your production and UAT environments, and track their evolution through the resolution cycle, to minimize their impact on production users.
Isolate performance hot spots for specific Oracle Cloud screens, user segments, or individual users, to help with root cause analysis and accelerate their resolution.
Prioritize your testing efforts based on actual utilization and other user experience metrics (error rates, performance), to optimize the impact of your UAT, with every Oracle Cloud upgrade.
Monitor utilization trends throughout the quarterly Oracle Cloud updates, to evaluate the impact of changes on user adoption and productivity.
Track every important user action, on every Oracle Cloud screen - to help your support team triage, prioritize, replicate, resolve and validate issues faster, for a better user experience.