How enterprises optimize Oracle Cloud Migration and maximize employee adoption

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Many companies are implementing Oracle Cloud in support of their digital transformation goals. 

However, transformation success isn’t simply measured  by implementing Cloud technology; it’s measured by the fundamental transformation in the organization and its employees, and how they proactively leverage the cloud  to utilize processes and increase  business outcomes. That’s where many organizations fail. 

IT and Cloud teams that are in the process of migrating to  Oracle Cloud seek answers to the questions below. 

See how Knoa User Experience Management (UEM) for Oracle Cloud helps answer these questions: 

  • Are processes being executed more efficiently, now, in the cloud? With fewer steps, reduced errors and overall simplified flows? 
  • Is my help-desk team able to proactively identify where errors (system and user errors) or performance issues are having the greatest impact on employee productivity? Are my help desk agents able to quickly identify and diagnose individual issues and resolve them expeditiously? 
  • Are my employees more productive? Have they fully adopted the cloud applications?

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