Watch Now – Online Training – Oracle Cloud Migration: 5 Critical Questions to Ask

Watch Now Online Training – Oracle Cloud Migration: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Start

What’s the most risky sport in the world? How is this question related to cloud migration you ask?

Watch Knoa’s Peter Earnshaw discusses this exact point (and more), building on his over 20 years of cloud-related experience.

In this training, Peter shares his personal experience with cloud migration projects: lessons learned, painful mistakes learned the hard way and also some success stories.

Specifically, Peter discusses 5 key questions that must be addressed before and during an enterprise cloud migration project:

  • How and where to start- tips about strategizing the migration project
  • How to mitigate risks during and post migration
  • How to optimally prioritize processes and transactions, during migration planning
  • How to measure and optimize employee adoption (mean time to action, active vs. idle time and more)
  • How to measure (and report) the financial impact of the cloud transformation, and its related ROI

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