Knoa for SuccessFactors

Ensure success of your SAP SuccessFactors implementation with user analytics from Knoa.

You’re embarking on a transition from your on-premise HCM solution to SuccessFactors and you have a myriad of options to consider: which modules to implement first, which deployment model is best suited for your organization, how your IT strategy aligns with SAP’s roadmap, and so on. Throughout this complex journey, you can leverage user analytics from Knoa to keep your project focused on what matters most: your end users.

SAP User Experience Management (UEM) by Knoa

SAP UEM by Knoa is an invaluable tool for SuccessFactors implementations, enabling you to analyze every facet of application usage, process adoption, and user engagement. It gives you the ability to detect issues in real-time, and then adapt your rollout strategy based on factual data and observed user behaviors.

Change Management

A solid change management strategy is essential to the successful migration of your HR processes to the cloud. UEM by Knoa enables you to isolate adoption gaps in specific application modules, functionality, or processes – and address them in a targeted fashion, whether through process redesign, user training, or improved communication to your users.

Workforce Training

Because SuccessFactors implementations involve significant changes in the underlying HR processes, some employees may require additional training. UEM by Knoa enables you to identify training issues in very specific areas, so you can address them by delivering targeted training to selected audiences.

Business Process Optimization

Because a SuccessFactors implementation is both a technical project and a process optimization project, your team must be ready to quickly address not just technical issues, but also process-related ones. UEM by Knoa serves as an early warning system, helping you identify and address process adoption gaps, inefficiencies and compliance issues.

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