Knoa for SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

Leverage Knoa user analytics for the SAP Cloud for Customer application.

Optimize Your Workforce

The SAP® User Experience Management (UEM) application by Knoa provides the visibility to drive adoption and optimize your workforce. SAP UEM identifies how employees interact with SAP applications, helps measure impact on day-to-day operations and ultimately, increases adoption to realize efficiencies and save money. Organizations can spotlight complexities of key business functions, and deliver a roadmap to enable users to be more productive, responsive and engaged.


Improve Business Results by Boosting User Efficiency

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SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)

The SAP Cloud for Customer solution helps you manage day-to-day sales contacts efficiently by sending and receiving signals between front- and back-office solutions and providing a single view of the customer. To learn more about the SAP solution, visit SAP Cloud for Customer.

The SAP UEM by Knoa for SAP C4C solution enables customer visibility into how users are interacting with the C4C application, how the application is being adopted during a new rollout, what type of performance is delivered to the end-user, where are the process bottlenecks, and what type of issues users are experiencing. The Knoa analytics for SAP C4C are geared towards a wide spectrum of functional teams, from business and process leads, to service desk and user enablement.


Humans Are Not Robots: Why Implementing New Technology Doesn’t Always Fix the Workplace

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Change Management

A solid change management strategy is essential to a successful transition of your sales processes to the cloud. SAP UEM by Knoa enables you to isolate adoption gaps in specific application modules, functionality, or processes – and address them in a targeted fashion.

Workforce Training

Because transitioning to cloud typically involves significant changes in the underlying sales processes, some employees may require additional training. SAP UEM by Knoa enables you to identify training issues in very specific areas, so you can address them by delivering targeted training to selected audiences.

Business Process Optimization

As you roll out SAP C4C to your field teams, your support team must be ready to quickly address not just technical issues, but also process-related ones. SAP UEM by Knoa serves as an early warning system, helping you identify and address adoption gaps, struggling users, as well as inefficiencies in process execution.


Using SAP UEM by Knoa to Eliminate Workday Interruptions (Knoa)

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Leverage SAP UEM by Knoa for the SAP C4C solution to enable customer visibility into how users are interacting with the C4C application.

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