Knoa for Fiori

Successful Fiori implementation and adoption starts with user data.

You are deploying SAPUI5 or SAP Fiori applications to your organization and are concerned about the complexity of adopting a new technology, the potential impact on your users, and whether the new applications will be adopted successfully. How do you make the most of your transition to SAP Fiori?

SAP User Experience Management (UEM) by Knoa

SAP UEM by Knoa delivers powerful user analytics that show you exactly how your users are interacting with SAP Fiori applications, on their desktop and mobile devices, and helps you design software solutions that fit their needs.

SAP UEM by Knoa helps you throughout the entire project life cycle – from building a business case to design, development, and production rollout.

  • Prioritize which transactions and processes to focus on first, to ensure a maximum boost in user productivity.
  • Determine which users would benefit the most from a Fiori experience, based on actual utilization of the software.
  • Evaluate whether out-of-the-box Fiori applications will work for your business or whether your users will be better served by new applications.
  • Quantify the actual improvement in user experience and prove the ROI.

Actionable end user data is the key to planning and executing a successful UX or migration project. After all, you can’t improve the user experience if you can’t measure it. SAP provides the technology; Knoa provides the intelligence for using it to its full potential.

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