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With over 300 million people now working from home, many of whom must suddenly juggle their time homeschooling their children or worry about making sure their elderly relatives are keeping safe, it is very difficult to conduct ourselves as ‘business as usual.’ However, for many organizations, business must continue during this challenging period. Companies are suffering, and employees are working diligently to make sure the lights will still be on when the pandemic runs its course. Enterprises must ensure that their workers are staying productive working from home.

Are your employees engaged and productive? How do you know?

The radical shift to a remote workforce is a tremendous and unprecedented challenge, and will be an ongoing priority in contingency planning. Knoa is working with our customers to ensure they are delivering an optimal application experience so their teams can perform effectively and stay engaged, regardless of workplace environment or location.

The SAP® User Experience Management (UEM) application by Knoa provides the analytics to ensure employee productivity, identify performance challenges and expedite problem resolution (see charts below).

Knoa UEM enables management and HR departments to analyze employee interaction with their enterprise software. In addition to pinpointing the root causes of technical issues, Knoa can reveal whether employees are truly engaged and able to focus, or perhaps they are having challenges adopting to this new environment and can use some support and TLC. We don’t want them to suffer in silence.

To our customers: We are responsive to your support requirements, please contact us through your standard support communication channel. We are here for you.