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There is a major shift underway for SAP customers today: the migration from the on-premise ERP HCM solution to SaaS, via SuccessFactors. For most organizations, this transition will be gradual, where IT and HR executives have to determine the right mix of on-premise vs. cloud modules that is most suitable for their needs – also known as the “Side by side” and “Talent hybrid” deployment models. However, even with a well-defined technical implementation path, successful user adoption is not guaranteed.

The concern with user experience and adoption when migrating to SuccessFactors may seem counterintuitive. SAP’s new HCM solution delivers the convenience of a cloud-based architecture, simplifies support operations via standardized functionality, and provides best of breed UI to users. And yet, precisely because the actual migration from on-premise to cloud is likely going to be a gradual, multi-step process – making sure user experience stays top of mind becomes increasingly more important to ensure that your users are not left behind during this transition.

In a recent article posted on the SAP Community Network, A User-Centric View of SuccessFactors Implementations, I explore the benefits of incorporating user-centric KPIs in the project success criteria for every SuccessFactors implementation, so you can stay focused on what matters most: your end-users.