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Four Key Factors That Will Significantly Improve the Success of Your Next Cloud Project

Enterprise organizations are increasingly relying on SAP, Oracle, and other web-based applications to transform all aspects of their business operations. Most ROI calculations on new deployments or migrations focus on the hard costs – software licenses, IT infrastructure, and professional services – to gauge the business impact. Few consider the needs of users and how the applications can be optimally configured to reduce bottlenecks, improve adoption, and increase productivity.

Four key factors that impact the overall adoption and productivity of enterprise software projects.

1. Poor Adoption = Failed Project

According to Forrester Research, 70 percent of failed software projects are caused by poor user adoption. Unknowns such as user errors, errant processes, and workflow inefficiencies can impede users from performing critical business tasks. User experience management (UEM) software can help pinpoint issues so they can be fixed.

2. Errors + Time = Money

Up to 80 percent of problems are related to human error and unidentified technical issues. What if you could have full visibility into these potential issues – specifically user behavior, workflows, interaction, and most importantly, how these metrics impact productivity and profitability? UEM untaps the data and analytics buried among the people, processes, and technology – providing visibility into the errors stalling productivity.

3. Full Utilization

Accounting for the impact of user errors, poor technical configuration, and lack of training, 50 percent of software functionality paid for and licensed is not adopted by end users. UEM can identify the technical issues impacting enterprise software adoption and utilization. It provides key analytics to determine which users, groups, departments, and locations actually need help, and pinpoints what needs to be fixed.

4. Help the Help Desk

Rolling out enterprise software applications without training has a huge ripple effect, ranging from poor user adoption and productivity to increased support inquiries inundating the help desk. According to Gartner, it is five times more costly to support under-trained users. UEM can help identify and resolve technical issues faster, reduce mean time to resolution, and improve the overall help desk experience.

Software Adoption Drives Productivity / Productivity Drives Profitability

UEM software provides the capability to answer the critical questions, leveraging data-driven metrics to analyze, optimize and validate your enterprise IT investment. Knoa UEM works with SAP, Oracle, and any other web-based enterprise system.

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