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Enterprises relying on SAP are always finding ways to enhance user adoption and improve the overall software experience. Whether it be on a new deployment or an upgrade/migration, improving processes, gaining efficiencies and increasing customer satisfaction are all key performance indicators that that will be closely monitored, post-launch.

Last week, the SAP UX and Cloud Platform road tour took place in Singapore and Sydney provided a series of workshops on user experience (UX), specifically around SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas.

Both UI technologies provide an array of tools to build beautiful (and better) applications, but enterprises must first audit their existing processes and software to fully understand what is currently working and what needs to be improved.

This is where SAP UEM by Knoa comes in.

SAP UEM by Knoa provides powerful user analytics that pinpoint exactly how your users are interacting with their SAP desktop and mobile applications.

According to Forrester Research, 70% of all failed projects are caused by poor adoption. This is because so many enterprises launch software deployments and change management initiatives without understanding the needs of their users. This “top-down” approach is flawed, squandering time-to-market opportunities and budget.

SAP UEM by Knoa can help throughout every phase of an SAP rollout. It offers the capability to identify which users can benefit the most from a Fiori or Screen Personas experience while emphasizing which actions or processes require the most focus to maximize user productivity.

Performance and Measurement

Beyond measuring user adoption, SAP UEM by Knoa monitors interactions between users and applications and collects contextual information to identify issues. Citing SAP’s white paper on “Maximize Your Investment in SAP S/4HANA,” performance and measurement is one of five tips to ensure success. The data collected can be used to identify problem areas for both task performance and creation of desired business outcomes. Decisions are based on data, not on feelings and perceptions that can be subjective and difficult to extract and normalize.

The bottom-line is… in order to improve, you need to baseline, continuously measure, and leverage actionable intelligence and data to deliver an impactful user experience.

Jumpstart Your next SAP UX Project

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