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Boticário Group is Brazil’s largest cosmetic company and the largest cosmetics franchise in the world. With almost 4,000 retail outlets in Brazil and beyond, Boticário Group’s fragrance, cosmetics, and skincare brands have already earned a special place in the beauty regimens of millions of customers.

Challenges and Opportunities

Boticário needed insight and visibility into how employees were engaging with its SAP® ERP system. Additionally, it was difficult to synchronize user data with system performance and availability data to understand operational performance. Boticário needed a way to understand how it can pinpoint issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

Business Results

Today, Boticário uses the SAP® User Experience Management (SAP UEM) application by Knoa to gain insight and visibility into how employees are engaging with its SAP ERP system.

Utilizing SAP UEM, Boticário Group was able to identify and address business issues with the most significant impact on user productivity and performance. As a result, there were major efficiency improvements in key business areas, including finance and logistics.

“We have made significant investments in our technology to improve efficiencies. We found SAP UEM to be the best product of its type, in both functionality and ease of use,” said Nicholas Alexandre Pierri, Senior IT Consultant, at Boticário Group.

SAP UEM enabled help-desk operations to improve service-level agreements through automation and Boticario Group was able to optimize the performance of its SAP ERP applications to empower its people to be more productive.

“We wanted to help our employees accomplish more. By achieving a simpler view of our performance, we can spend more time differentiating our products in a crowded market where customers expect the best,” added Pierri.

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