Britehouse Partnership with Knoa Software Brings Unique Value to SAP Customers

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Productivity, cost savings tool incorporated into Britehouse Control Centre increases the value of SAP implementations.

NEW YORK, NY – September 23, 2015 – In another first of its kind, Britehouse is partnering with global user experience management (UEM) specialist, Knoa Software, to enable its customers to improve user adoption of SAP, optimise workforce efficiency, and streamline business processes.

By incorporating SAP UEM by Knoa into its business control centre (BCC), Britehouse IOSS is now able to pre-emptively monitor for its customers the full spectrum of technology, process, and people influences on their businesses.

Britehouse is the only IT services provider to offer SAP UEM by Knoa as an integral part of a business control centre monitoring capability.

SAP UEM by Knoa uses data to accurately measure how users execute processes within enterprise software applications. It collects, consolidates, and sorts data based on user attributes such as functional role and location. Comprehensive reports and alerts provide actionable insight into user performance.

At a business process level, therefore, SAP UEM by Knoa enables an increase in user efficiencies, measurement of application adoption, identification of bottlenecks, and improvement of workflow. From a change management perspective, it increases user satisfaction, simplifies workflows, and facilitates usability initiatives. At a help desk level, it enables pro-active support, eliminates issues, reduces ticket count, and minimises disruption during upgrades. In terms of training, it enables an organisation to test training effectiveness, assess user training needs, and develop targeted sustainment training.

Knoa Software director of strategic partner alliances, Chris Robinson, says that Knoa chooses to work with a small number of highly capable, trained, and motivated partners who share a focus on adding significant value to SAP environments.

“We believe that Britehouse is uniquely positioned to do this because of the coherence of its offering. Britehouse has vast knowledge of SAP, a close and long-standing relationship with SAP, and a tight focus on improving its customers’ productivity through an understanding of their business and goals.

“The Britehouse BCC underpins these capabilities by providing pre-emptive services aimed at ensuring that customer SAP environments are continuously optimised and that technology and process problems are identified and resolved before they become disruptive. By using SAP UEM by Knoa, the BCC now also has the means to pro-actively report on the impact that users are having on a customer’s SAP landscape and, therefore, on business performance.”

“We regard this as an ideal application of UEM. It will trigger a step change in the way IT services organisations deliver value.”

Closely aligned with the strategic objectives and functionality of SAP’s Operational Control Centre, Britehouse’s BCC is only the second such solution to be established globally and the first in Africa.

“Some multinationals with substantial IT departments have used SAP OCC to set up their own internal support centres and, thereby, extract optimal value from their SAP systems,” says Deon du Preez, Britehouse Specialist SAP Division (SSD) Head SAP Innovation.

“For the majority of organisations, however, finding and retaining the necessary in-house technology and business consultancy talent to run such a centre is an onerous investment. So, we decided to make innovation and performance improvement cost-effective for all organisations by making the facility available on a hosted, fixed price basis.

“The only aspect of performance improvement we haven’t been able to monitor automatically in the BCC, has been user impact. Simply adding SAP UEM by Knoa would have taken us a long way towards that goal. But, by establishing a direct relationship with Knoa we can now realise the solution’s full potential and, thereby, ensure that our customers can drive millions of rands worth of costs out of their operations.”

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