Value-Focused Professional Services

Backed by extensive domain expertise and experience.

Our services team offers a number of capabilities and service options to empower you to maximize the benefits of using Knoa UEM, achieve excellence in end-user experience management and realize the full value of your enterprise software investment.

Implementation Services

Fast & Efficient Deployment

Our technical services team offers end-to-end implementations services from the planning phases through launch and enablement.

Implementations often times require a customized approach. Knoa’s technical services team delivers tailored implementation services to help you successfully adopt Knoa UEM into your unique IT environment.

Value Enablement Services

Business-Driven Results

Value enablement services are designed to help fulfill the business needs and goals of stakeholders and process owners.

Our value enablement team strategizes to build blueprints to ensure product adoption within your organization. The team members are highly trained business analysts with various specializations including sales, HR, and supply chain management. They link data with business objectives helping users of Knoa software understand the data patterns and baseline trends.

Consulting Services

Leverage Best Practices

Knoa’s professional services team offers a comprehensive library of solutions for various industry verticals.

Our team customizes your needs by leveraging a rich pool of best practices gathered over years working with a vast array of businesses across many industries.

Knoa Bundled Services

Knoa offers bundled service packages to meet the powerful analytics framework that enables optimized business processes and delivers value.

Quick Start

Provides help with installation essentials. Key implementation components include: environment assessment, deployment landscape, and solution deployment. This package includes value enablement and consulting services to ensure your users achieve their business objectives within one identified functional area.


Provides additional peace of mind and augments the Quick Start service by taking into account your organization’s change management procedures. This package includes a deployment staging phase, additional testing, and detailed system documentation to ensure a smooth roll-out in your development environment before deploying to production. It also includes value enablement and consulting services to ensure your users achieve their business objectives within two identified functional areas.


Provides Quick Start and Premium services with the inclusion of a sandbox, staging deployment prior to production roll out. This packages includes enablement and consulting services for three identified functional areas.


Provides additional deployment, configuration, and support options and helps build your team’s product expertise and confidence. This package augments the previous packages (Quick Start and Premium) with enterprise level enablement and consulting services as well as collaborative workshops on four identified business functional areas.