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"Knoa Software is a market visionary in the developing segment of user experience management. Their automation is 100% complete for major enterprise applications out-of-the-box without any scripting. This capability, along with their full capture of all user workflow, sets them apart and enables use cases that other vendors cannot support."

Chris Biddle, CEO, IdealNet Inc.
"SAP User Experience Management has definitely increased the efficiency of our employees, making good use of taxpayer dollars."

Bradd Busick, Manager, Project Management and Administration Office, City of Tacoma
"Once we put Knoa out there, within a few weeks, in fact, we started to see benefits. Trends of failures and slowdowns became visible, and we were able to deliver tech fixes or training as needed."

Stuart Smith, Director of CRM Performance, British Telecom
"The goal of any product innovation should always be a positive change; making or improving solutions better than before. Innovative products such as Knoa EPM bring improvements in many areas including transparency, functionality, technical ability and ease-of-use..."

Rake Narang, Editor-in-Chief, Network Products Guide
"From 'Go-Live' on, the Knoa team was invaluable at every step in helping us understand how to use Knoa to better track user adoption and the actual end user experience."

Dave Satterlee, IS Service Delivery, Sealed Air Corporation
"Knoa is able to capture and separate 'received experience' from 'achieved experience' and the granularity with which Knoa can examine these two areas is distinctively rich compared to all the other vendors."

Dennis Drogseth, Vice President Enterprise Management Associates
"Knoa's ambition to become the 'sole-source provider of end-user experience and performance metrics for all the stakeholders in the organization' seems to be well-grounded in reality."

Dennis Drogseth, Vice President Enterprise Management Associates
"EMA especially likes Knoa's well-thought-out reports targeted specifically at collaborative decision making when critical new business applications, or application updates, are rolled out to new user constituencies. The benefits in cost reduction, business performance and reduced risk should be self evident."

Dennis Drogseth, Vice President Enterprise Management Associates
"One of the biggest issues that companies have had over the years with enterprise application software is maximizing its use. And that's the focus of end-user experience management. Knoa Software is one of the champions of this new software category."

David Brousell, Editor, Managing Automation
"Fortunately, there are new developments that promise to make the new application rollout experience somewhat easier than the corporate equivalent of root canal.  Knoa Experience and Performance Manager helps automate the tedious process of gathering data about what the end user is actually experiencing when using an application"

Mike Vizard, Baseline
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